Reasons for Hiring a GOOD Party Help

Reasons for Hiring a GOOD Party Help - Terry Home

There are many reasons that you should hire, party help for your next event, however you can break them down to 3 main reasons.

  • You want to be one of the guests
  • You want to be fun and entertaining at your own party and not completely drained because of all the work that you put in as a host.
  • At the end of the event you don’t want to see dirty dishes and wine glasses everywhere.

Well, you can find all of these plus save time and money by hiring a GOOD party helping company or staff. Note emphasis is on the word GOOD.

A GOOD party helping company and its staff not only helps in setting up for the party and food. but will also offer tips on how to save and plan ahead of time.

Here are some of the things that a Good Party Helper would offer.

Contact you at least a week before to confirm the arrangement.

Will be at least half an hour early to help.

Will set up the kitchen.

Set up and warm the food.

Set up the bar.

Make and serve food and beverages.

Greet your guest at the door.

Refill guest empty glasses.

Have a proper and professional dress code depending upon the event. Mostly, a crisp white button down shirt and black pants.

At the end of the party a good party helper company staff would make sure that the kitchen where they prepared the food is moped and swept after the event.

All the leftover food, dishes and empty glasses are picked up.

All the trash is picked up and taken to the trash bins

A good party helper would make sure that the communication between the staff and the host is clear so that there are no last minute ambiguity and confusion as to who is doing what. It’s best to have a manager who the host can be in touch with in case of an issue during the event.

Make sure that the party helper is covered by workman’s compensation so you don’t have to worry about any kind of an accident.

During their first meeting a good party helper will advise you about their terms, conditions, cancellation policies in their contract very clearly.