After Party Clean Up

After Party Clean Up

Parties are fun but cleaning up is not, so if you are thinking of having a party but dreading the idea of after party clean up don’t worry because you’re not alone. Not all of us have the energy to throw a party and clean up especially later that night.

However, a little bit of organization or extra professional party/cleaning help will make you ready to face the mess. You can tackle any after party clean up if you follow some simple rules. Its best to do things at your pace in manageable chunks one room at a time.

Once the party is over try to deal with the major things first. For example, if there are any stains on the carpet, upholstery or any other place treat them while they are fresh. If stains left over night they might just settle in the carpet and become more difficult to remove. Wine, pasta sauce, juice stains are not easy to remove so it’s best to treat them as soon as possible. In some cases, stains are hard to get rid of even if they are treated on time. If that is the case and the stain is fairly visible, professional help is the way to go.

After tackling any fresh stains put away all the leftover food in containers and store them in the fridge or freezer.  If you have the energy, it’s best to label the containers before freezing them. If it’s summer time and the food has been sitting out for a while and includes raw, diary or seafood in its ingredients its best to get rid of it.

Clean up all the food scraps and as many dirty dishes and drinks if possible so there is no lingering bad odor in the morning.

Next morning start with putting on some relaxing music, lighting aromatherapy candles or some flowers. This will put you in a nice mood and you will be more willing and relaxed to deal with the party aftermath.

You can start by cleaning the main room which usually is the living room. Make sure to pick up any garbage or party decoration small items from the carpet and floor before you start vacuuming.

It’s also a good idea to gently vacuum the curtains, sofas and chairs in the room. If you have hardwood floor wash them with a damp cloth or a mop.

Carry a big garbage bag with you while you are cleaning up rather than carrying everything one at a time. Trust me this will save you lot of time and energy. Toss all the plastic cutlery, plates, cup etc. in this garbage bag while you are cleaning up. However, if you are using regular dishes and not plastic disposable items then it’s best to soak all the cutlery and dishes in hot soapy water to get rid of any grease. After that you can either put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand. These days there is a ton of awesome disposable and recyclable tableware even edible glassware available that can be used for any occasion.

Clean all the tables, chairs and give all the furniture in the room a good wipe with some anti-bacterial in the end.  Lastly, put back all the objects and furniture that you removed for the party.

In the kitchen make sure to clean all kitchen cabinets and tops once the dishes are done. Clean and mop the floor thoroughly.

Make sure to clean the bathroom that was in use during the party. It’s a good idea to wash and sanitize everything in the washroom including door knobs etc. Be sure to wash all the bathroom mats and curtains, disinfect the sink and the toilet etc.

Remember parties are fun but there is no harm in getting some professional help so that you can be part of your own event and enjoy the occasion. Terry Home offers professional before and after party help that takes the fuss and mess out of your party by offering servers with professionalism for any occasion.