Declutter your Life


As we grow our lives change and so does our needs. A young family home is usually cluttered with things that belong to their children, like toys, books, carriage, strollers etc. Once this phase ends other items take over which are part of a teenagers life mostly clothes, shoes and other stuff.

Some of us like to hold on to each and everything that belongs to our children or is part of a certain stage in our or our children’s lives.

Human beings have a nature to develop attachments with things. Road trip memorabilia, paintings, clothes, books, gadgets, linen, shoes, and things that you haven’t used in years… you name it. But, guess what all these things that you have attached memories with require space and if we don’t have space it turns into a clutter.

There are tips to organize a space or a closet but sometimes you need professional help.

Declutter Closet: If you are one of those people whose closet is in a perpetual state of disarray then it means either you have no time on your hands or too much stuff.

Solution: Take a deep look at what you have and why you are holding on to it. This will help you to decide what you need to do with that item. Ask yourself some questions. When was the last time that I wore this shirt? Do these pants really fit me or just sitting in the closet because I was once size 2? Do I really want to hold on to those memories…I know it’s hard to part …but just let it go.

See if you can match up mate-less pieces of clothing to another lonely item in the closet and make them work. Don’t try too hard to make things work, reason being that you will never end up cleaning your clutter or the items will end up in a deep black hole of your closet separately and lonely again. I know you will be tempted to keep some items but the rule should be if you haven’t worn it in two years chances are you are not going to wear it again so get rid of it.

Take time with this process and be through so that you are left with ONLY what you will wear. Find some new storage and shelving to put away those shoes and hang those heavy sweaters or put them away if you are not wearing them. I suggest that you buy clear boxes so that the items are visible. If you cannot find clear storage then label them with the name and colour of the item. This will help you curb your next shopping spree and you will not end up buying the same colour or item again. If you can’t see an item chances are you will never wear or use it so make sure you know what’s in the box specially shoes.

These days there are many solutions available that can help you to organize your closet.  From custom closet that comes in a box to canvas organizers to clear plastic boxes. Choose what makes your life easy and is right for your closet.

Declutter Space: If you are planning to declutter a space then think ahead.  In your mind you should be clear as to why do you want to declutter the space. Is it because the children have left the nest or that you need that extra little space for the new born or you just don’t have the energy to clean and hold on to everything that you have.

Solution: Find yourself 2 huge bins label them as “KEEP IT,” and “DONATION”. Be honest with yourself and based on your circumstances and need place things in the designated bins.

Make sure to check each and every item so you don’t hold on to items that have holes or chipped or cracked, otherwise you will end up with a CLUTTER OF MEMORIES again!!

If you have duplicates get rid of them, life is too short to hoard…every tomorrow brings a better, bigger, brighter design and style so get rid of them otherwise you will be stuck with outdated duplicate items.

Once you are done sorting then donate the items in the “DONATION” bin to the nearest charity. If you want to make a little bit of money, try selling items online or organize a garage sale.

If you think that you don’t have the time to declutter then maybe it’s time to hire some professional help. Professional organizing service are not as expensive as you think and could be a great help in saving energy and your precious time. Their consultants are trained to do the job and know where to start and are aware of your attachments with sentimental things and memories. Trust me a Professional Organizing Service can make your life easier than you think.