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Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine's Day Party Terry Home

Although most people like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other however, more and more people are now planning Valentine’s Day Party to get together with friends. It could be a couples’ party or your close friend. No matter who you think you want to invite you need to plan the party ahead of time.

The most important thing is to think about who do you want to invite. If it’s a couple’s party or just singles getting together or just a bunch of friends from work or school.

Its best to invite the guest at least 2 weeks before so that they have ample time to decide what they want to do. Also, make sure to let them know about the venue in advance, for example if you are planning to have the event outside or in your home. This will give time to your guest to prepare accordingly. If you plan to have the party outside in an open area, make sure to be prepared for any unexpected weather and have a backup plan.

Try to be unique and add a modem hint to your recipes. Keeping in mind that it is Valentine’s Day party it would be a good idea if the food is gourmet and elegant and mostly red or pink in color. Cupcakes and chocolate are two obvious choices for Valentine’s Day.  Serving food in heart or red serving dishes would add that extra touch to everything. Chocolate fountain with strawberries or cake pops would be a great idea.

You can have a theme for the party but what would be better than roses and hearts shaped all pink and red balloon and ribbons. Good quality fragrant candles will add that extra special touch to the occasion. If you have a big area arrange for a dance party by turning on the music after dinner and dessert. Have some board games or TV games on hand.

For all this you will definitely need some good party help. Look for someone who is an expert in before and after party set up. Someone who would not just help you with serving but also cleaning up at the end of the party. Good Party helpers will give you great suggestions based on their experience and will get as much details as possible about your party. A good party helping company is a great choice when you want to be a part of the event yourself. So make sure to do some research before you pick your help for this special event.