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Tips on Hiring Servers and Bartenders Par Excellence


Not everyone can be a great server or a bartender and that is why when selecting party helpers make sure that the company you hire consists of bartenders, servers par excellence. I believe you can teach a few tips and tricks to anyone but the rest comes from the person within and their nature.

So here are some things that you need to keep in mind while selecting the crew for your next party.

Striking a balance between being outgoing and reserved is of an utmost importance. An excellent server or a bartender shouldn’t be shy to say hello or goodbye to the guests when they walk in or leave.

Offering something to drink to the guests when they come in so they feel welcomed and important is something only an exceptional server or a bartender would do. Having a pleasant personality, adding a light sense of humor to the conversation while serving is an added bonus. However, a brilliant bartender or a server does not try to control the conversation or try to give advice or make jokes. They would just act according to the situation. Remember, people pay for the overall service.

Servers and bartenders should act in a way that shows true hospitality and making the guest at ease. Part of being a good server or a party helper is to act smart. For instance, if the guests are in the middle of a conversation do not interrupt. Wait for the right moment to discuss or offer foods or drinks.

A good server would do everything to make their guests happy. Provided it’s within the boundaries set by the employer and it fits the occasion. They will make their customers feel comfortable, so taking care of the guest in a timely and efficient manner is key to being a successful server or a bartender.

Cleanliness is the key, clean service demonstrates power, capability, organization, and care. An excellent bartender or the server would make sure that the workplace or the bar is clean. It’s very important that the tools and ingredients are arranged carefully and in an order so that the guests don’t have to wait for their drinks or food. An excellent bartender or a server will be prepared in advance learn how to prioritize their tasks and understand what the guest need so that the service is fast, swift and quick.

Remember bartender, servers and party helpers are representing the client who hired their company. So they make every effort to not to let them down.

Small details make them a cut above the rest for example to make sure not to touch the rim of the glass. Handle wine glasses by their stem, and silverware by their handles. While offering utensils to their guests making sure that the handle is always pointing towards the guests. Going around to inquire if the guests need more drinks. If Hors d’oeuvre are being served making sure to go around with the tray for all the guests. Excellent servers and party helpers don’t wait for the guests to ask them to bring some more drinks or food.

Exceptional bartenders know their spirits and wine. They go an extra mile and do a little research on what drinks are being served at a party. Having a little bit of extra knowledge creates a lasting impression on the guests about their interest, passion, service and dedication to their work. These bartenders are also confident about what they are serving and how it’s served.

Personal Hygiene is another aspect that an excellent server or bartender will take care of. Well trained professional servers or bartenders will never wear perfume or cologne to work. They make sure that, their clothes don’t smell like cigarettes or cigar, etc. The hair is tied in a neat bun or a tidy hairdo. They don’t touch their hair or face or scratch their head while serving. Most importantly, they wash their hands often.